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Welcome to Sarah-Ann Homy Dezines, where all the products are one hundred percent natural and the containers / packaging is recyclable. I’m Sarah-Ann Bellefeuille-Woodard, business woman, full time mom and a person striving to make a difference in the world by reducing environmental waste. Born and raised in the Eastern Townships, all my life I enjoyed the art of craft making as a hobby. The goal of having my own company and creating products that are safe for the environment and for all members of the family. In 2020, my dream became reality with the support of my family. I was able to launch my own handmade natural candles and beauty products business. All my creations are one hundred percent natural and handmade. Each product I create is unique in there own way, from the different colors to the many variation of fragrances. They are all created with care and passion to match all decors and event themes.



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